Cybrarium Parking

Where can I park?

Cybrarium parking is located inside the Homestead Station parking garage. Entrances to the garage are located off of W Mowry Drive and SW 1st Avenue.

How much does it cost to park?

Parking for Cybrarium patrons is free for the first two (2) hours. Visitors to the Cybrarium will need to validate their parking ticket at a service desk prior to leaving.


Is there a time limit for parking?

There is no limit for the amount of time you can park in the Homestead Station garage. However, only the first two (2) hours of parking are free for Cybrarium patrons. After the two (2) hours of validated parking, all patrons are responsible for paying to park at rates set by LAZ Parking.


I want to stay longer than 2 hours. What is the cost?

Parking Rates

Monday - Thursday
$2 / hour
Friday - Sunday
$3 / hour
Lost Ticket
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