Who can borrow a hotspot?

In order to borrow a hotspot, patrons must be 18 years of age, or older, and have a Cybrarium card in good standing.


How much does it cost to borrow a hotspot?

Borrowing and using a hotspot device from the Cybrarium is free! You can check out and use a mobile hotspot just like other materials. If you lose or damage a hotspot there will be a fee of $75 to replace the hotspot, plus a $10 processing charge fee.


How long can I keep the hotspot?

The loan period for a hotspot is 7 days. Checkout is limited to one per Cybrarium card. Hotspots have a maximum of 3 renewals; the Cybrarium will automatically renew the hotspot as long as no one has placed a hold request on the item.

Note: A hotspot that is not returned after its last renewal will be considered lost and data/internet will be disconnected.


Where do I return the hotpot?

Hotspots must be returned to staff at the 1st-floor Information desk. Do NOT return to another library or in the Cybrarium book drop.


How do I use the hotspot?

    1. Press and hold the OFF/ON button for a few seconds until the word WELCOME appears. The device will take a few moments to turn on completely.
    2. Make sure Wi-Fi is enabled on the device you want to connect to (laptop, cell phone, tablet, etc.).
    3. Go to your device’s Wi-Fi settings and locate the hotspot network. The name of the network (Franklin ….) can be found by pressing the power button to access the menu.
    4. Enter the hotspot’s password found in the menu.
    5. Don’t forget to refresh the page on your device if you see the message “No Internet access.”

Once connected, your device is now using the internet made available by the hotspot connection.


How do I turn OFF the hotspot?

    1. Press and hold the power button for a few seconds.
    2. You will see the word GOODBYE appear.


How many devices can connect to the hotspot?

Up to 10 devices may connect at the same time.


Can I place a hold on a hotspot?

Yes. You can place a hold on a hotspot by searching our online catalog and placing a request by signing into your account.


Can the Cybrarium see how I use the internet?

Your Internet usage is not tracked by the Cybrarium or by the hotspot service provider, Mobile Beacon. The Cybrarium does not have access to, nor does it collect specific usage data. The Cybrarium does not provide patron information to the service provider. Data is never kept on the hotspot. Click here to learn more about the Cybrarium’s Privacy and Confidentiality Policy.


For more information about Mobile Beacon’s privacy policy, see


Is my web browsing restricted when I use the hotspot?

No. Hotspot browsing is not filtered or restricted. Any material downloaded or otherwise obtained through the use of the service is accessed at your own discretion and risk.

NOTE TO PARENTS/GUARDIANS: Internet content filtering is NOT provided through the Cybrarium’s hotspot. Parents/Guardians are responsible for monitoring what their children access via the Wireless Hotspot.


What happens if I lose or damage the hotspot?

If you lose or damage a hotspot there will be a fee of $75 to replace the hotspot, plus a $10 processing charge fee.


Where will the hotspot work? Can I use the hotspot outside of the US?

The hotspot is limited to the Sprint 4G LTE network, which covers more than 280 million Americans in over 550 U.S. cities. Visit Sprint’s website to see what areas are covered: .

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