Technology For Youth

The Cybrarium offers the following tech tools and programs for youth:

STEAM kits

STEAM kits include projects for elementary age children that can be checked out at the Cybrarium. Kits are designed to offer learning opportunities related to circuits, coding, robots, and the hard sciences.


The Playaway Launchpad is a secure learning tablet designed for children ages 3-10 and pre-loaded with high-quality, ad-free learning apps that are both free and educational. Each one of our 18 tablets are loaded with games on topics such as reading, science, ABCs, colors, zoo animals, counting and more, creating a different experience for your child with every Launchpad you check out. Best of all, Launchpads are FREE to check out with a Cybrarium card!


Wonderbooks are the latest “read-along” technology.  These picture books have a built-in audio player that narrates the story as the child turns the pages.  

Video Games

The Cybrarium has a small collection of video games for children and teens for the most popular gaming platforms.

Robot Scene
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