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Inkwell Writers’ Workshop

This workshop is open to adult writers of all genres and experience levels.

Core Values

  • Be welcoming: We will be inclusive and respectful of all participants in all interactions.
  • Be respectful of each others’ time: We will arrive on time and stay for the entire workshop.
  • Be open: We will support one another and build each other up in our efforts to grow as writers, and all feedback will be given and received in that light.
  • Be collaborative: We will work in partnership, recognizing our interdependence in our goal of growing as writers.

Peer Critique Procedures

  • Share your work: Author shares at least 10 hard copies with the group.
    • Writing sample must be no more than 1000 words.
    • Copies must be typed.
  • Focusing Question: Author presents a focusing question to the group. (What, specifically, do I seek from this critique?)
  • Read Aloud-Read Along: Author reads the piece aloud as the group silently reads along.
  • Feedback
    • Must be centered on the author’s focusing question
    • Must be constructive & respectful
      • Offer constructive, specific feedback with solutions/suggestions rather than only stating what isn’t working. 
      • Include why something isn’t working.
      • No anecdotes during critique
      • Avoid interrupting others; however, those giving critiques should be mindful to not dominate the critique time.
    • Author receives feedback in silence and takes notes, as desired.
    • Once feedback is complete, the author may ask clarifying questions.
    • Each author is free to adopt or reject any of the feedback, as desired.
  • Return Hard Copies: All hard copies must be returned to the author at the end of the feedback session.

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