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   Teen/ Young Adult Clubs

Game Club

The Game club is a growing group here at the Cybrarium. We have 3 branches regular Game Club, D&D and tournament! With all very different events for everyone! New things are coming to Game Club like brand new gaming PCs to play games like Valorant or Overwatch 2. Check out the dates for up coming events here https://cybrarium.libcal.com/

Artist's Block

Welcome to Artists block. A bi-weekly club for all artists to come together and indulge in all forms of medium. Whether you’re new, a pro, or just someone who draws as a hobby, all are welcome to express themselves and their creativity at this Artists Block. Come show your talent! Coming Soon! Make sure to check our calendar –https://cybrarium.libcal.com/

Anime Club

Welcome to the Anime Club! Join us for our reboot, we will have watch parties for the newest episodes of your favorite anime and a whole bunch of new events and crafts coming soon to Anime club. Stay tuned for Halloween events! For all the dates and events coming up please check here–>


Game Club's Page

Game Club now has it’s own page on our website! This is where you can read about up DND club and Game Club Tournament. We will be updating the page to let you know about up coming events and plans such as our new gaming PCs and new card games which are coming soon! Come check out the website here –> https://cybrarium.org/cybrariums-game-club/

Robot Scene

Next Game Club Tournament: MARIO KART!!

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