Cybrarium’s Game Club

Welcome to Game Club! This is a club where people come together or go head to head in their favorite video games! We have a lot to offer and much more yet to come! We opened our club door in May 2023 where we started small with just two Switches and 5 members, since then we have grown in numbers and consoles, now we have two Xboxes along with our 2 Switches and have about 15 to 30 people that attend the club. Soon we will be adding much more to the table with PC gaming, we will being opening 5 stations so you and your team can play Valorant, Overwatch 2, and much more! Also coming will be card games such as Pokémon, Magic and Yu gi oh! We have special events planned for spooky month of October so keep an eye out for those up coming events! Hope to see you guys soon! Check for dates and times here –>

Welcome to D&D Club this is one of the sister clubs of Game Club. In this Club be ready to start a adventure with your crew and fight the many enemies that come your way! Being our newest add on to the family D&D has great one shot stories for young adults and a great starting point for people who haven’t played before. This Club is still growing and could be bigger if you join us today! We have some great events coming up for the spooky season so make sure you sign up quick as DND is one of our fast programs to get filled up.

Welcome to Game Club Tournament, Its the biggest of all the clubs with GRAND prizes and big tournaments! This tournament is to show your skills and proof you got what it takes to win the grand prize. Our prizes will always connect with the game like the Mario Kart tournament players had a chance to win a 3D printed Mario Kart trophy with Mario Lego sets. Some tournament are different especially our Smash Bros tournaments, the prizes were gift cards up to $100! This is targeted to older teens and young adults but if you have the skill to go head to head against skilled players then you are welcome to join! Down below you can see one of our first tournaments the Mario Kart tournament!

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