Privacy & Confidentiality

The Cybrarium is committed to protecting the privacy of all information, including patron requests for service or materials, loan transactions, online sites visited, and resources accessed. Records that link personally identifiable information to borrowed or requested materials or to visited websites are created and maintained only as long as required for the business of libraries. Cybrarium staff do not release such information to individuals or to any private or public agency.

Per Florida Statute 257.261, all registration and circulation records, except statistical reports of registration and circulation, are confidential information. It is the obligation of the Cybrarium to protect the user's right to privacy. In order to protect patron privacy regarding materials sought or checked out or confirming personal information contained in the patron’s record, no account information or lists of items borrowed will be provided to the account owner without a valid Cybrarium card number or photo ID. Staff may require further account information in order to verify identity.

Cybrarium cardholders may allow another person to act as their agent in borrowing materials by loaning their card for this explicit use. Staff considers possession of a Cybrarium card permission to use it for borrowing materials, but will not disclose information concerning a patron’s account to anyone other than the account owner without consent of the account owner. The circulation records of minors are also confidential. Staff may only provide the parent or guardian named in the record with the list of items borrowed on their child’s card for the purpose of collecting fines or recovering overdue Cybrarium materials.

A proper judicial order is required for law enforcement to have access to registration and circulation records except as allowed by F.S. 257.261(3)(b)(4).0

Adopted: January 12, 2021

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