Virtual Reality


    The Cybrarium offers Virtual Reality (VR) experiences. VR uses a computer, headset, and sensors to immerse the user into a three-dimensional, computer-generated world. Head, hands, and body movements are tracked to let the user interact with what is seen via the headset.

    Use of VR may cause one to lose all real-world sense of hearing and sight. Due to unpredictable nature of the human response to VR (nausea, loss of balance, fear of heights, bumping into objects, sickness, dizziness, and any other side effects that may occur), the Cybrarium will require all eligible participants to complete and return the appropriate Agreement and Waiver/Release of Liability form.

    All patrons wishing to use the VR Cube must have a Cybrarium card in good standing, and have acknowledged an Agreement and Waiver/Release of Liability form .

    • Parents or legal guardians of all participants under the age of 18 must sign the Agreement and Waiver/Release of Liability form.
    • Patrons may make a suggestion for a download to be reviewed by staff. There is no guarantee your suggestion will be accepted.
    • Virtual Reality is available in 30-minute sessions. Additional sessions may be granted if no one is waiting to use the VR.
Adopted: January 12, 2021
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